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Our team is highly qualified in automation activities and also we have members who have the expertise in Finance / Human Resources / Logistics and Transportation / Operations / Documentation. This will help you to get a high quality solution from us as we know your business.

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Since 2008 Cyber Lanka Solutions has been assisting so many companies to exceed their known potential by Automating tasks that carry out in different platforms. We can assure you that working with us will bring you a new perspective of working practices and to see how your existing employees and resources can bring you more.

GuruMaga is one of our partner products where we provided a solution for education during COVID pandemic.

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What to Automate ?

Repetitive Tasks

Performing same task over and over again, may be in fixed in different intervals.

Higher Volume Activities

Takes higher resources , employees to compelte the activities and still has errors and delays.

Less complex Routing Work

Bouring work just need to key in data to another system or obtain data from another website.

Faster Turn Around

Unable to meet customer expected deadlines due to certain activities or not enough time after a=starting the office hours to complete the task.

With Higher errors

Activities that you are paying more penalties to customers and pay delay charges.

Required Long Hours

Activities that requires longs hours for processing will have more mistakes due to human involvement,

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